Why Exhibit

Business opportunities: Fire Safe Build India is the only trade show in Asia that focuses solely on Passive Fire Protection, thus providing unique business opportunities for exhibitors to showcase their products and services to a highly targeted audience of professionals in this specific industry.

Networking: The show provides an excellent platform for networking with other professionals in the industry, including suppliers, contractors, architects, engineers, and building owners. Exhibitors can learn about new trends and innovations, as well as develop new business relationships.

Brand awareness: Build your brand awareness and credibility among industry professionals by showcasing your expertise, products, and services, and promote your brand to a highly targeted audience.

Education: Educate attendees about the importance of passive fire protection, as well as the latest technologies and solutions available. This can help build awareness and drive demand for Passive Fire Protection products and services.

Market Insights: An opportunity to gain insights into industry trends and customer needs. This can help inform product development and marketing strategies.

Global perspectives: Learn from the best minds from all over the world, cross collaboration of ideas and technologies

Exhibit Profile

Fire Safe Building materials & solutions for the following:

  • Buildings and Public Infrastructure - Offices, Hotels, Hospitals, Airports,
  • Shopping Malls, Warehouses, Metro Stations, Cinema Theaters etc.
  • Cable Tunnels
  • Conveyor Systems & Assembly lines
  • Energy, Oil & Gas, Heavy Industries & Transportation
  • Food Industry (Kitchen Fryers etc.)
  • Industrial Plants (CNC Centers, Generators, Pumps, Furnaces / Boilers etc.)
  • IT parks (Data Centers, Communication Systems)
  • Tunnel systems (Roads, Railways, Mines etc.)


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